About Us

Medical Cost Sharing, Inc., gives Christians the opportunity to minister to the Body of Christ while being thrifty and seeing to their own medical needs. The concept has grown in popularity since the 1960’s when the Older Order Amish Church Fund began the modern-era of burden-bearing. These days, participants include a broad spectrum of Christian denominations that support each other’s medical needs, not only across all fifty states but across the world. Please contact us in the event you want a clearer explanation of how Medical Cost Sharing, Inc. works. We are a fully-accredited 501 C3 Non-Profit organization.

MCS knows that nothing is more important than your salvation and that Jesus forms the Bridge Between God and mankind.

God’s Design for human salvation was for Jesus to become the bridge between Him and mankind. Jesus Christ is, indeed, the Bridge to everlasting Life.

Our Founding Members

Craig Reynolds

Craig A. Reynolds

Craig A. Reynolds is CEO/Founder of Medical Cost Sharing, Inc., a Christian alternative to the high-cost of health insurance.
We saw a need in this nation among good people who were struggling to pay their health care costs. Churches have used Medical Cost Sharing Principles for years, which we were able to improve upon and bring to the American people as an alternative to the high cost of health insurance, ACA (Obamacare).


  • California Polytechnic State University
  • I have over 25-years of personalized financial services specializing in customer care and successful self-employment. I began my career in financial services as a salesman, recipient of numerous sales related awards, and specialized in recruiting, training, motivating, and educating others to follow in my footsteps on the way to success. I graduated to supervising marketing teams across a four-state region and became regional vice president of sales in my division. Along the way I realized the many flaws in traditional financial services which pushed me to develop something better, something that could truly improve the lives of Christian Americans across the nation.
  • I am happily married to my beautiful wife Lana, and the proud father/step-father of college graduates. I have been a member of Calvary Chapel and Grace Evangelical Church for the past 30-years.
  • I am personally motivated for success in my own life, and I am also motivated by the successes of others around me.
Craig Reynolds

James L. McGinnis

James L. McGinnis is COO/Co-Founder of Medical Cost Sharing, Inc., a Christian alternative to the high-cost of health insurance.
It’s been a personal mission to design, develop, and present the most forward-thinking products that the market place has ever seen, be it traditional insurance or a healthcare sharing ministry; products you always should have had, but were never offered.

I have owned several successful businesses over the past 30-years that have all had one common thread-Superior Customer Service.

I served in Vietnam in 1967 and 1968. My four-years in the Navy afforded me with the opportunity to see many foreign countries, and gain insight into other people and cultures. As I stood on Ground Zero in Nagasaki Japan, I realized that there were so many places and things I would have never been able to experience if I hadn’t had the opportunity to serve. Meeting people and making new friends are things I still do every day. My love for others and my Christian faith have made this an easy thing to do.

I graduated Navy Supply School in San Diego California, specializing in stock and inventory control, management of all repair parts, commissary goods, storage, distribution and procurement.

In regards to my Faith, I am a work in progress, as we all should be in our daily lives. What is amazing to me is the progress I have been blessed with in the last ten years, proving that it is never too late. I had accepted Jesus many years before, but that really wasn’t enough- you must act on it, live it, not just say it! I think a lot of us fall short and I know I certainly did. For me, it has been the power of prayer that has helped me most. Through prayer comes enlightenment with the vessel of knowledge pouring into your life. At MCS our mission is not only to provide the best health care for you, your family and your friends, but to also encourage your spiritual growth at the same time.
As a father my family just keeps growing. I keep adopting new people into my family group. To me, family is not just a genetic thing. I absolutely love all the grand kids I’ve gained by doing this.
I credit my grandfather for teaching me the value of hard work on the family farm. He could make the hardest task fun- you didn’t slow down or stop until the job was complete. The rewards for hard work and the feeling of accomplishment made it all worthwhile. His influence has served me well in everything I’ve done since.