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Cleveland Clinic’s MyConsult Online Medical Second Opinion Program gives members access to the nation’s leading specialists for expert second opinions without the time or expense of travel. Second opinions are available for over 1,200 medical and surgical conditions in nearly every specialty.

How It Works:

  • Call Cleveland Clinic via HealthAdvocate at (866) 799-2728
  • Our experienced clinical team will discuss the MyConsult program with members as a care option.
  • Our staff will guide members through the online registration and request process. This includes the collection of medical records, imaging studies, laboratory reports and pathology specimens.
  • Each case is assigned to a Cleveland Clinic expert specialist, who will provide the employee (and their physicians/designated family members) with a comprehensive second opinion report within 10 -14 business days.

You pay only for consults that are completed and there are no additional charges for HealthAdvocate’s assistance.

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