Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

Whether members are struggling with credit card or student loan debt or saving for college, retirement, home-buying or other financial issues, HealthAdvocate offers personalized support and tools to help them manage their money, reduce debt, and save for the future—all to lower stress, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Solution Features:

  • Consultations with financial and legal specialists. Financial specialists can discuss debt management, life insurance needs, college funding and more. Legal specialists can address bankruptcy, estate planning and real estate, family, criminal, motor vehicle and elder law issues.
  • Convenient access to HealthAdvocate’s website for articles, tools and information, including education about financial safety net options such as contributing to 401ks, HSAs, and determining the need or correct level for short- or long-term insurance.
  • Online calculators for personal finance, loans, credit payoff, mortgages, taxes, autos, investments and retirement.
  • Free webinars on estate planning, managing life transitions, paying for college and more.
  • Comprehensive online library of articles on budgeting, bankruptcy, identity theft, investing, estate planning and more.
  • Downloadable financial forms and worksheets for taxes, wills, and budgeting.
  • Help locating resources including financial planners and counseling services.
  • Financial Fitness Center with more than 200 online multigenerational tutorials on savings and investing, planning health and life insurance benefits, student loan repayment and more.
  • Savings Center – a member discount program to help them save on everyday products, services and events from clothing and auto insurance to car rentals.
  • Access to the HealthAdvocate blog for timely articles relating to financial wellness.

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