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Return of Contribution Program (ROC)

The ROC Program is one of Medical Cost Sharing’s most unique features and a concept unheard of in the healthcare industry. It works in the following way: If a member contributes for a period of ten continuous years without filing any claims, 100% of their contribution is refunded. But how does this work? Let’s take a look at two scenarios.

Scenario 1

You, as a member, contribute $362 per month for ten continuous years. After the ten-year period, your total contribution adds up to $43, 440.00. During this period, you only used the funds for a minor knee surgery that cost $8,000.00. Your refund works out to $35,440.00.

Scenario 2

Here your monthly contribution, for both you and your spouse, is $565.00 per month, also for a period of ten continuous years. During this time, you need open heart surgery. The procedure costs $200,000.00 which we pay in full. In this case, you would have no refund, but your claim is fully paid.

Please take note of the following:
NO traditional health insurance plan rewards you for your loyalty in this manner.
NO traditional insurance plan rewards you for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
With traditional insurance plans, money not used by you, the contributing member, goes into their pocket.
Our company, Medical Cost Sharing, gives you an incentive to live a healthy lifestyle while giving you the assurance that medical costs are shared if and as needed.

Nobody can see into the future and foresee their future healthcare needs. With the ROC Program from Medical Cost Sharing, however, you have a healthcare investment that works for you whether you put in a claim or not.

Medical Cost Sharing’s ROC Program sets us apart from our competitors. By joining our program, you know that money not claimed is paid out to you. It is a great way to save, with the benefit of knowing your health care needs are taken care of in the process.

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