Frequently Asked Questions

We cannot accept statement or invoices regarding doctor visits from members. All claims must be filed by the provider on their claim forms to the address on the back of the card to be considered for sharing.

1. Is this a legal alternative to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?

Yes, most people are not aware nor fully understand the loopholes that are available to them in the ACA – Affordable Care Act or (Obamacare). One such loophole is Christian health sharing ministries because of their religious beliefs.

2. When did this opportunity become available?
3. Who is eligible for Medical Cost Sharing?
4. Is this an Insurance Plan?
5. What happens if I fall into difficult times and I'm unable to pay my monthly participation or contribution? Do I lose all rights to coverage?
6. Why should I choose Medical Cost Sharing as opposed to the other Christian Healthcare alternatives that exist?
7. Can I choose my own medical care providers and facilities or do I have to choose from a pre-selected list?
8. What is the professional healthcare experience of this corporation and its management team?
9. Is there a co-pay or deductible that I would be responsible for?
10. How long does it take for a claim to be resolved and paid?
11. How do I keep in contact and share with the other members of the Medical Cost Sharing community in regards to prayer for my healing or recovery updates?
12. What is the procedure for a life-threatening or after-hours emergency?
13. Is there an On-Call advisory Medical staff that can be accessed by members 24/7?
14. Does each member enrolled in one of your health sharing plans still have a deductible to meet before your plan will start paying for their medical expenses?
15. Can our company use PRE-TAX dollars to fund your health care sharing plan for our employees?
16. Do you have any requirements for our employees to get signed up with your group plans?
17. Is there a waiting period after I sign up as to when my coverage begins?
18. What is a "VETTING" Period and do you have one?
19. What Is Your Membership Cancellation Policy?
20. How Much Notice Must I Give To Ensure Recurrent Billing Is Cancelled?
21. Membership Termination
22. Pre-Existing Conditions
23. Offer And Compromise
24. Do You Have An Open Enrollment Period?
25. What is the best email to contact your support staff
26. Where can I find out the most up to date information for all MCS members?
27. Refund Policy
28. Do Preventative And Wellness Visits Count Towards My Personal Responsibility?
29. Emergency Room Updates
30. How Are Specialists Visits Handled?

Still have questions?

If you still have questions please feel free to get in touch.