Reference-Based Pricing

Reference-Based Pricing is not a discount program, it’s a process by which you receive Medicare approved rates. You are now on a level playing field with large insurance companies.

It is always the members responsibility to verify before services are rendered, that any provider or facility they utilize accepts Reference-Based Pricing as payment.

The following examples are real savings from real people using RBP.

Example 1 – (Jim, MO) – A billed amount of $1,702 was recently settled for $621.

Example 2 – (Celeste, GA) – A billed amount of $42,177 was settled for $9,984.

Example 3 – (Jared, OR) – A billed amount of $16,822 was settled for $4,327.


The savings are obvious! You save two ways – Monthly, and when a provider performs a service!

Insurance companies never pay a billed amount. The amount paid is always based off of Medicare approved charges.

Did you know that the national average health care cost for inpatient hospital stay is $10,700? Did you know the average deductible for traditional insurance is $7,000-$10,000?

Let’s do some math - $800 monthly premium (12 months) = $9,600 (please input your own numbers)
$9,600 + $7,000 = $16,600
MCS MEDICAL COST SHARING PREMIER - $65 monthly for 12 months = $780

That’s a saving of $15,820 annually! (Based off of your numbers, it could be more or less.)

It’s time for you to take charge of your health care cost; start saving today!

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